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Mobile Application Development Services

Every business needs to be active and expand on different platforms in today's marketplace. One such way is to create a mobile app for various systems, which can be placed in the App Store or Google Play. Our company has been engaged in mobile app development for 10+ years, and we achieve our client's goals every time.

We have experience working with both large companies and startups. Our solutions are used in different industries, such as Fintech, Logistics, eCommerce, Real Estate, Restaurants, etc. Our app developers create user-friendly and modern products that ensure our customers are competitive in their niche.


Custom Mobile App Development Services

To create apps, our clients can use our solutions to realize the idea. Invatechs, as an app development company, is ready to use modern technologies and patterns to create eye-catching and trending mobile applications. You can benefit from the following mobile application development services:
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Need an app that will be in the App Store? Invatechs experts will be able to realize your ideas into a competitive and beautiful product for different devices of the Apple ecosystem at the most comfortable time for you



We have extensive experience in creating feature-rich apps for Android devices. We will help to turn your business ideas into real products which will meet all your goals



Our development team also creates cross-platform apps using modern technologies, including .NET MAUI. Invatechs can create a customized solution that will perform on all devices

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Invatechs Mobile App Solutions

In our 10+ years of experience, we have created many solutions that bring innovation to our customers' companies. You can look at our case studies to get acquainted with our solutions and application functionality. We create a mobile app for the following spheres:

Invatechs Mobile App Development Workflow

Invatechs always takes an individual approach and is attentive to clients' ideas and requests when creating an application. The full development cycle of an app by Invatechs specialists is as follows:

Collecting initial requirements from the client

After you get in touch with our consulting service, our specialists will elaborate on the details of your project when all the ideas and requests from the client have been taken into account. Then we sign an agreement and proceed to the next steps.

Research and design sprint

Our specialists begin the creation of the high-level documentation of the application, as well as creating wireframes, so the client can make adjustments.

Making decisions together with the client on what approach should be chosen 

Our specialists clarify ideas about the application's market coverage and advise you on the model of the application (Native, Cross-Platform, or Hybrid).

Development Phase

When all the previous phases are approved, our professionals begin creating the code for the application.

Quality Assurance

Our QA professionals at this stage will do a thorough testing of the application. If they find any bugs, the development team will fix them quickly.


After all the previous development manipulations, we deploy the product to the application stores. 

Post-deploy quality assurance

After that, we check the interaction with the services that will deploy the application to ensure everything works properly. 

Maintenance and Support

Depending on the contract we signed, we will continue to maintain the application, update it and implement new features.

Why choose Invatechs as a Mobile App Development Company

In our 10+ years of experience in mobile app development, Invatechs has created only the most effective solutions that have helped our customers reach the next level. When cooperating with us, we sign an NDA agreement that will ensure the complete confidentiality of our customer's data. Our specialists constantly grow and learn new technologies that help create effective products. If you cooperate with us, you also get the following advantages:
  • Relieve your employees from routine tasks that our specialists can do;

  • The most innovative solutions that will make your application a leader in your niche;

  • Entire development cycle with optimization, testing, and further support;

  • You will get individual terms and a detailed roadmap for the implementation of the product.

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Cost of Custom Mobile App Development Services

Invatechs always takes an individual approach to pricing mobile app development services. We offer our customers the quality of Western Europe and the United States but at Central European prices. Our company delivers our services worldwide, and due to this, we save our customers not only money but also time. We also take into consideration the following factors in pricing:
  • The size of the team of specialists;

  • Project size and complexity;

  • Experience of the employees.

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