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Cryptocurrency E-wallet Application

Modern and convenient cryptocurrency investment app for storing and maintaining crypto assets.


Our client's fundamental goal was to build a cryptocurrency application for mobile devices where cryptocurrency assets can be purchased and stored securely. To give users a secure and flexible way to manage their cryptocurrency assets via features such as 2FA security, Face ID, Touch ID, and special and encryption unique word set.

With experience in creating fintech solutions, our specialists decided to create a cross-platform cryptocurrency mobile app. Moreover, we had to integrate the app with several blockchain networks, create a user-friendly interface and implement robust security measures to protect users' assets.

To create an app that would assist users in investing in cryptocurrency, the Invatechs team took the following steps:

  • Create a cross-platform wallet for iOS and Android devices;

  • Integrate payment systems for buying cryptocurrencies inside the app;

  • Provide the app with features that will ensure the safety of user data;

  • Add graphs, charts, and various token networks.


To create this crypto app, our experts decided to develop a cross-platform application connected to a single blockchain network. In addition, we created a solution that gives users full control over their private keys to guarantee the security and integrity of their crypto assets.

Also, our client wanted to add features that could offer users multiple cryptocurrency investment strategies at once and provide personalized information on market trends and price movements. A few basic strategies are presented in the mobile crypto app itself:

  • One-time investment: just invest any amount once, whenever you want

  • Regular deposit: set the amount of money you want to invest in cryptocurrency every week or month, and it will be withdrawn automatically.

  • Rounding: the app tracks the user's transactions and rounds up their daily purchases to the nearest $1, $2, or $5, accumulates the difference to a certain amount of money, and then automatically invests it in cryptocurrency.

Our Invatechs team designed the wallet from the ground up, focusing on usability and security. We added a cryptocurrency exchange feature so users can freely buy and sell cryptocurrencies in their wallets. We used the latest encryption and security methods to protect users' cryptocurrency assets, including two-factor authentication and multi-level identity verification.

Technologies & tools


Invatechs started working on a cryptocurrency wallet project in late 2020. We offered the client to use Agile methodology and provided regular progress reports using project management tools such as Jira. Before starting the implementation, our experts thoroughly studied the market of similar applications to create the most innovative and user-friendly product for mass use.

We used Slack as the main means of communication to stay in touch with the client and share ideas. Our team had several brainstorming sessions with the customer to incorporate feedback and suggestions.

After four productive months, we provided our client with an MVP for their approval. We immediately set about building a full-scale application architecture that would allow even more features to be added in the future. Over the next eight months, we worked on implementing additional features such as real-time price updates, secure wallet management, and two-factor authentication.

After all stages of development and testing, our team released this cryptocurrency investment app to app stores, where it managed to be even in the top 20 apps in the category related to web 3.0.


Project duration


The Invatechs team was able to create an innovative cryptocurrency mobile app, which currently has a large user base. With this app, in addition to savings and buying cryptocurrency through popular payment services, it is also possible to transfer them within the network of different tokens. This makes the application universal, which is suitable for every user who wants to connect with cryptocurrency.

We worked closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements to achieve these goals. We used our knowledge of blockchain technology, web 3.0, and user experience design to create an intuitive and secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Our team implemented multi-factor authentication and used the latest encryption protocols to protect users' private keys and digital assets.

Overall, we created a cryptocurrency wallet that exceeded our client's expectations and provided users with a seamless and secure way to manage their cryptocurrency assets. We hope to continue working with our customer and help realize the vision for the future of web3.0 technology.

  • A high-performance app for iOS and Android devices;

  • Secure storage and exchange of crypto assets;

  • Buying cryptocurrency using various payment methods;

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