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Open Banking Application

High-tech whitelabel application with open banking API integration


Our customer is focused on the market with the development of financial technology that will help increase brand awareness and expand the client base. Our partner wanted to make a Whitelabel solution that would allow users to access seamless and personalized banking.

Our team needed to create an advanced online banking application that would be easy to customize UI/UX, add functionality, and seamlessly expand its structure itself. The client wanted a universal solution that could use customization to add personalized business logic and other fundamental features.

Our experience in creating open banking solutions certainly helped in establishing an effective roadmap for our customer. The challenge for the Invatechs team was to create apps for two operating systems, iOS and Android, with a single server part. Also, to add a personal account for users and make the function of linking bank cards, as well as tracking its statistics.

The Invatechs specialists decided to take the following steps to accomplish this task:

  • Creating two apps for iOS and Android;

  • Secure app synchronization with a single server;

  • Microservice architecture for the implementation of different services;

  • Integration of an open banking API to perform transactions from the app.


The fundamental challenge for Invatechs was to create two apps on different operating systems that needed to be linked to the same server. After prototyping the app, the designers and our Android and iOS specialists proceeded to smooth development.

The apps were created completely from scratch, but our experts managed to create a feature-rich solution with a microserver architecture that would allow us to easily add new features and functionality in the future.

Technologies & tools


We started working on the project in 2020, and at the request of our client, our specialists used the Kanban methodology. Once a week, we contacted the client and provided progress reports, and we discussed further development. The experience of our specialists came in useful, as they suggested modern and trendy solutions that could be added to the project.

We communicated with the client using Slack, and the setting of tasks and their tracking were performed with the use of Jira. Throughout the process of developing open banking applications, the Invatechs team researched the market and competitors to create an innovative solution for our client.

Complete creation of a functional application, which passed through testing phases and was prepared for release in half a year. Now, our specialists are supporting the application and implementing new API banking to extend the client base of the application. Also, the functions that are necessary for a modern banking app are being added.


Project duration


As a result, the Invatechs team helped our customer in creating a Whitelabel open banking solution in the form of two applications that are easily customizable for any business needs. The flexibility and customizability of the features, as well as the integration of the open banking API, helped to expand the customer database. Now the client can do its own research on trends and customer engagement based on the received data.

App users can contact integrated online support, track their balance, and attach debit and credit cards. Also, through the app, they can pay bills and loans and make online purchases. There's also a feature to track spending with a variety of customizable schedules and charts, allowing for an even more efficient experience using the app.

To summarize the above, our experts have perfectly coped with the development of unique online banking apps. Due to this, our customer base grew by 70%, attracting a more loyal audience. Users obtained a convenient application, with the help of which they can easily manage their income and expenses. The customer was completely satisfied with Invatechs services, and now he has become our regular customer and always asks for help with new projects.

  • 2 optimized iOS and Android apps

  • Complete tracking of all currency manipulations

  • The application is easily customizable and configurable

  • There is open banking API integration

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