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IoT Transportation and Logistics Solutions

IoT Transportation and Logistics Solutions

We make logistics 4.0 real through smarter, data-driven systems

With the growing volumes of the world trade, the pressures of cost and safety are growing too. Transportation delays, lost, stolen or tampered cargo, as well as human errors, are all impeding shipments at a global scale. Now, IoT has come to redefine how the transportation and logistics (T&L) industry copes with its risks and challenges.

This is where Invatechs steps up as a specialized IoT logistics company. With our custom software development expertise, we create solutions that truly bring the industry into its logistics 4.0 era.

We serve T&L companies, manufacturers and wholesalers wherever they choose to move their assets


Supply side

Supply side


  • Delivery network monitoring


  • Asset and vehicle tracking
  • Connected fleet
  • Smart warehousing
Demand side

Demand side

  • Environment sensing

  • Real-time shipment traceability
  • Theft and loss prevention
  • Data-backed risk planning


We’ll be guiding you through the complexities of building your own IoT ecosystem beyond just track-and-trace functionality. To build our end-to-end IoT connected transportation systems, we unite all the actors to create a holistic, data-driven network. We connect devices, assets and sensors to serve T&L companies, their clients as well as end consumers.


Asset geolocation at every stage

Supply chain transactions and value transfer

Equipment and fleet condition

Delivery-affecting factors, such as road events


Cargo environment for compliance

Equipment for preventive maintenance

Risks of transportation impediments



Shipment safety and integrity

On-time delivery

Supply chain transparency

Real-time traceability



Cost pressure

Waste of perishables

Fleet and shipment damage

Incidents through faulty equipment

Mishandled cargo and baggage


Route planning

Energy and fuel consumption

Space utilization at ports and airports

Warehouse capacity

Transport infrastructure

With Invatechs, your IoT transformation becomes possible.

Your new revenue streams with data at the core

Your new revenue streams with data at the core

Our IoT transportation company knows that the real power of IoT is in data. With this in mind, we make systems that can aggregate data from multiple sources while elaborating permission rights for the role-based access.

When data becomes actionable, it turns into an asset. This is how you can expand your business model by serving the T&L industry players with your data as a service.

  • Create added value

  • Leverage partnerships

More traceability on blockchain

As an established blockchain development vendor, Invatechs can level up supply chain traceability through private distributed ledgers and automate business transactions with smart contracts. Thanks to our access to the acclaimed blockchain platforms and frameworks, we facilitate the development process and keep your cost of ownership optimized.
By enhancing your IoT solution with blockchain, you can tap into the following benefits, accessible to all the parties:

  • Real-time shipping data visibility

  • Single point of truth

  • Lower transaction costs

  • Immutable records

More traceability on blockchain
  • Interoperability

  • Security

We follow IoT logistics priorities

Our specialized IoT transportation solutions are built along the following priorities so that you can get the most of what IoT has to offer in your industry:

  • Energy consumption efficiency

  • Continuous improvement

  • Manageability

  • Reliability


We deliver full-cycle IoT transportation development services, assisting both startups and corporate clients. We are familiar with how complex it is to envision and integrate a full-fledged IoT system into T&L operations, that why we focus on the following:

Strategy & roadmap


Together with our expert Business Analysts, we will define the strategic goals of your IoT solution and outline its maturity model for sustainable operation in the long-term.



There’s nothing more efficient to prove your business idea than a sturdy MVP. We’ll wrap it up in a matter of weeks, run it through the reality check and take the development further to keep your risks at a minimum.



We will come up with a detailed solution architecture to fit your unique business environment and make all the data sources communicate faultlessly.

Development & integration


At this core stage, we will be building your IoT system iteration after iteration, validating it against your users’ expectations and business goals.



IoT applications for transportation and logistics are bound to be disruptive. Our team will stay by your side to navigate the user buy-in process and adjust the system as needed.
  • Interoperability

We follow IoT logistics priorities

Our specialized IoT transportation solutions are built along the following priorities so that you can get the most of what IoT has to offer in your industry:

  • Security

  • Energy consumption efficiency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Manageability
  • Reliability


Geolocation Tracking System

Geolocation Tracking System

Our IoT transportation company created a smart satellite tracking system on top of the Arduino-based hardware. The system sources, processes and stores data from multiple tracking devices for advanced fleet management. Thanks to the solution, logistics companies can now detect their commercial vehicles’ real-time location, maximize their fleet utilization, and optimize their shipment processes.

Create New Value with Our IoT Solutions

The full value of IoT logistics solutions is yet to be discovered. Partner with us to help transportation-centered IoT get to the next level.

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