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Credit Score Analysis Platform

A comprehensive platform designed to provide detailed analysis to make it easier for users to understand how to improve their credit score.


The main challenge of the project for Invatechs was to create an intuitive platform that simplifies the complexities of user credit scoring. This required integrating a wide range of financial data into a user-friendly interface. Unlike previous projects, the platform had to meet the needs of users with varying levels of financial literacy, so reducing complex personal loan information to an easily digestible format was a major hurdle.

An additional challenge for Invatechs was ensuring the accuracy and security of real-time credit score reporting so that the platform had to accurately reflect recent changes while keeping sensitive personal and financial information safe.

We also approached this challenge with the knowledge that credit scores depend on multiple factors, and the platform had to provide customized advice and recommendations. This required a sophisticated algorithm to analyze individual financial behavior and suggest specific steps to improve credit scores.

Invatechs specialists decided to take the following steps to create such a platform:

  • Integration of banking APIs to analyze users' credit history;

  • Creating an adaptive version of the site for mobile devices;

  • Integrate advanced data analysis and machine learning technologies.


For the Credit Score Analysis Platform, our team created a comprehensive system and cross-platform applications linked to a single server, ensuring accessibility across multiple devices. This approach allowed users to freely work with the platform in a way that was convenient for them.

Our team built the platform from the ground up, focusing on user experience, and our QA created the perfect path from visiting the website to interacting with the product. Educational components such as tips and tutorials were also added to improve user understanding and engagement with their financial health.

We integrated features that allowed users to better understand and manage their credit scores, including personalized suggestions to improve them.

Technologies & tools


This process was carefully planned for the Credit Score Analysis Platform; we began the project by conducting thorough market research to understand the needs and gaps in credit score management tools. We maintained an agile and responsive workflow using Scrum methodology, providing regular updates and reports on progress, bug fixes, and feature deployment.

We used Jira to manage tasks and documentation, providing a streamlined and organized approach to project management. Communication with the client was done via Slack, ensuring efficient and timely discussions and feedback. The client could also make edits, and after discussion, we added them.

The MVP was completed in two months, after which it underwent extensive testing and refinement based on feedback from Invatechs QA specialists. We refined the application over the next five months, adding advanced features for analyzing and managing credit scores. The app was then successfully launched, offering users a useful tool to manage and improve their credit scores.


Project duration


The Credit Score Analysis Platform project was completed successfully, fully realizing our customer's vision. The platform, designed to analyze and improve credit scores, also serves as an educational tool for users to understand various loans management aspects.

The successful integration of financial APIs led to an efficient user onboarding process and rapid customer base growth, and this expansion facilitated a variety of financial analyses and user engagement strategies. The product is still being updated, and new features are being added, which helps the platform to grow and gain traction in the market. Client approval and continued investment in the platform's development is a testament to the success and impact of the project and as a result, the Invatechs project has achieved the following results:

  • Cross-platform functionality 

  • Educational resources to empower users to manage their credit scores.

  • Integration of advanced financial APIs for real-time data processing.

  • Flexible architecture designed for constant updates and innovation.

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