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Wages On-Demand Platform

A platform that offers instant access to paychecks is designed for users to withdraw a portion of their earned income before their regular payday.


The main objective of the platform, developed by Invatechs, aims to provide users with the ability to instantly access their earned paycheck in unexpected situations. This innovative approach is different from conventional loan systems and requires developing a responsive system so that users can easily authorize and retrieve their funds.

Our experts proposed an algorithm with real-time integration of payroll data from employers, providing secure and immediate transfer of funds and creating a user interface that is simple and accessible on a variety of devices. In response to these challenges, our team focused on developing a cross-platform app compatible with iOS, Android, and web browsers and integrated it with major banking APIs. 

The key challenges for the specialists were in the following parameters:

  • Cross-platform app development;

  • Integration of banking APIs to enhance functionality;

  • Single server to enable on-demand access to payroll.


Invatechs developed a complete solution for the Wages On-Demand Platform, embodied in creating a single cross-platform application system, and it is specifically designed to allow access to the service from a wide range of devices including smartphones, personal computers, and tablets.

In developing the platform from the ground up, the Invatechs team focused on usability, and therefore, particular attention was paid to the pre-conditional payroll access feature. In addition, educational tools were integrated into the platform. This approach has turned the platform into a multi-functional tool that is both educational and provides tools for users looking to improve their financial health.

Technologies & tools


At the start of the project, the Invatechs team conducted a thorough 2021 market analysis to create a product that would be innovative and user-friendly for users and their employers. Using Scrum methodology, the team provided the client with reports in the form of regular updates on development progress, including bug fixes and plans to add new features.

The team managed the project using Jira, and communication with the client was maintained via Slack. During all stages of development, our customer could share their ideas for implementation at any time, and there were constant discussions and implementation of additional features on the platform.

In the first three months, an MVP was developed and presented, and the following six months of intensive development and testing culminated in the successful launch of the final version of the application, which was thoroughly tested and positively evaluated by the client.


Project duration


The launch of the platform from Invatechs ultimately made a simple product with a quick registration, achieved through integration with banking APIs. This provided users with continuous and quick access to their payroll to manage finances and deal with unexpected expenses.

The platform provided access to payroll without creating debt and interest, charging only a small flat fee, making it a favorable alternative to conventional loans. From the client's perspective, the project was successfully implemented, confirming the innovative nature and functionality of the platform. 

The platform met the original project goals and vision, covering key aspects, and the success of the product in the market is a testament to the Invatechs team's cohesive work and willingness to tackle complex user-centric challenges.

  • Development of optimized apps for iOS, Android, and web versions.

  • Implementation of educational features for financial management.

  • Successful integration of multiple banking APIs.

  • Creating an adaptable architecture for future enhancements.

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