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Status tracking app for parcels


A client approached us with the idea of creating a mobile app that could track parcel statuses. This was a major challenge for Invatechs, as parcel tracking apps already existed on the market, and it was necessary to create something unique and appealing to the user.

We engaged in market research to explore existing solutions, to see what features and capabilities competitors offered, what user problems they solved, and what new ideas might be in demand in this segment.

One such challenge was integration with a logistics company's API, which processed data on the status of parcels. Our specialists decided to use the REST API to connect the mobile app and the server where the parcel status information was stored. Also, use the XML parsers, which would be used to process the parcel status information coming to the mobile application in the XML format.

  • Create iOS and Android apps;

  • Integrate a REST API;

  • Implement XML parsers;

  • A single server for the two apps.


Invatechs used rest APIs and an XML parser to implement this functionality to integrate with various delivery services. The application also provides notification functionality that allows users to receive alerts on the status of their packages in real time.

One of the key decisions Invatechs made when developing the app was ensuring users' ease of use. An intuitive interface was developed that allows users to easily set up delivery status notifications and receive real-time delivery information for their parcels.

The following solutions were used to create the application:

  • REST API: to communicate with the database and retrieve parcel delivery status information;

  • XML parser: to convert data obtained from the API into a convenient format for displaying it on the screen of a mobile device.

Invatechs, when developing the app, also considered ensuring user-friendliness for users. To this end, an intuitive interface was designed that allows users to easily set up delivery status notifications and receive real-time delivery information for parcels.

Thus, Invatechs created a mobile app that allows users to conveniently and quickly track the status of their parcels. It was developed using modern technologies and approaches, such as Kotlin, Swift, REST API, and XML parsers.

Technologies & tools


Our team of experts started working on this project in 2019, it was not the first order from the client, and we were happy to help solve the problem. Invatechs offered to work on Agile methodology, and we provided reports through weekly sprints. We contacted the customer, where we shared the facts about the work done and plans for further implementation of the project. Smooth communication with the client was maintained via Slack messenger, and all the project documentation and task setting were done via Jira service.

After signing the NDA agreement, we started the process of creating the application. First, we started the MVP creation at the client's request. Prototyping the parcel status tracking application by Invatechs started with thoroughly analyzing the client's requirements. After putting together all the feedback and research, our team built the prototype within a month and a half.

Our client completely approved of all the functionality and appearance of the MVP, after which we set about finalizing the product. We dealt with API and parser integration and the rest of the features that would make the application stand out from the competition. After that, we moved on to the testing phase, where our QA experts and developers polished the product to full optimization.


Project duration


The Invatechs team worked hard to create an app that met and exceeded client expectations. The app was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to track packages. It provided real-time updates on the parcel's status and location, as well as its traveled path and upcoming itinerary.

The client was thrilled with the final product and overall experience with Invatechs. They appreciated our employees' communication skills, professionalism, and commitment to delivering a high-quality product. The client noted that the application greatly improved their business processes and allowed them to expand their customer base.

We worked closely with our client and focused on delivering exceptional results. Invatechs has established itself as a leading provider of software development solutions.

  • Sophisticated parcel tracking functionality

  • Optimized applications with a user-friendly design

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