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Blockchain Development

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize industries by offering the efficiency, security and automation unimagined before. Here comes Invatechs, whose blockchain development services can help streamline your business through the power of decentralized apps, smart contracts and other mind-blowing decentralized tech. Ultimately, it means saying goodbye to legacy systems and outperforming the cumbersome competition. Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon?

Core benefits of blockchain

Cut transaction costs

Forget about costly intermediary services for data processing and compliance check. Instead, we will help you complete and verify transactions in real time and under lower transaction fees through blockchain application development.

Optimize business operations

Tap into the distributed ledger technology to carry out operations and manage assets fast, anytime. We will develop an agile blockchain application to let you eliminate the burden of traditional information processing and introduce a next-gen, truly automated ecosystem.

Keep data management safe

Prevent fraud and unauthorized activity with the immutable and secure blockchain architecture. When approved, each blockchain transaction becomes encrypted and unalterable, and guarantees increased data protection.

Provide high-level privacy

Insure transaction details are only distributed among network participants with no need for any third-party intervention. Tracking data transfers in the network will allow addressing such issues as low transparency and traceability with confidence.

Tackle industry challenges

What we can do together?

Supply chain management

By adding greater visibility to the entire supply chain sector, blockchain can optimize your trading relationships through global asset recording and tracking. It will help you keep data updated in real time within a shared network.

Asset tokenization

Converting the value of an object into a token can be a wealth generation source for companies with large databases and registers. Using blockchain tokenization, we can unlock the liquidity of your business assets so that you can freely trade and settle them on-chain times faster.

Peer-to-peer transactions

We can cut inefficiencies in transaction processing with a blockchain enforcing a peer-to-peer network model that requires no auditors or traders to verify an agreement. This P2P confirmation will lead to almost instantaneous and cost-effective trade settlement.

Replacing the central server with a decentralized architecture for transmitting data across the network will help you boost your system’s reliability and security. By incorporating a blockchain-based decentralized app, you can easily deal with the growing volumes and velocity of data.

Find out how to accelerate your business with the blockchain solution

Smart contract applications

Facilitate your business performance or negotiations digitally — use smart contracts to perform credible transactions without intermediaries. Fully automated and regulated through pre-defined rules, smart contracts make agreement processing affordable and efficient.

  • Control your digital identities without the need to provide counterparts with access to business data

  • Streamline global transfers with instant trade payment initiation

  • Speed up trade verification with a set of contract conditions and prerequisites

  • Enable fast, accurate and transparent financial data recording

  • Automate claim processing, verification and payments

ICO development

Leverage an alternative, blockchain-powered fundraising mechanism for a new venture — the ICO. As an ICO development company, we will take care of all the tech stuff while helping you launch a successful venture funding campaign.

  • Get instant access to a tremendous pool of investors

  • Build your ICO crowdsale community

  • Set up the corporate infrastructure up to the legal entity

  • Develop a custom wallet and ICO landing pages

  • Optimize your business model with asset tokenization

  • Improve your overall business liquidity with ICO development consulting

Cryptocurrency exchanges

We can build a premium, trader-friendly platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with no vulnerabilities or phishing risks. Discover a new source of revenue while reducing operational expenses with our cryptocurrency exchange development services.

  • Create a cryptocurrency exchange platform to bring buyers and sellers together

  • Automate cryptocurrency trading processes

  • Secure cryptocurrency transactions and transfers

  • Introduce protected wallets and multiple gateways

  • Trade any digital assets globally

  • Build a streamlined trading desk

  • Enable peer-to-peer trading

Getting started with blockchain

Blockchain consulting and idea validation

When you turn to us for a solution to your business pain points, our experts get to defining how to minimize them with blockchain. At this stage, we develop an enterprise blockchain adoption strategy to reinvent your organization’s core systems.

Technology consulting

Prior to development, we deliver a proof-of-concept and a prototype. It helps us measure the effectiveness of our solution and eliminate possible faults at the early development stages.

Application development

We develop the blockchain software to help you manage your key business assets. Here, we are building the core functionality, APIs for data retrieval and data authentication algorithms, among other features.

Deployment and implementation

Once the application is developed, our team deploys it to the production server. When finalizing the solution, our QA team makes sure the solution is implemented as designed, testing the application all around.

Post-launch maintenance

As your business grows, Invatechs experts refine and scale your blockchain application to meet the evolving demands. We support the software in the long run, constantly monitoring its performance and effectiveness.

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