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Vance Pay Application

A microcredit platform that provides a personalized financial instrument for users.


Our client's goal was to create a user-friendly and flexible platform that could provide users with a way to loan insignificant amounts of money. This was not the first time this client approached us to implement his ideas, and we had already made a fintech application for him.

However, our team was tasked with making a platform that could pay on demand and implement a system that would help inexperienced users improve their wealth management experience. Our customer wanted to add features that, based on data analysis, could make recommendations on improving their money management and also make personalized pay on demand suggestions.

Invatechs had already implemented quite a few applications and platforms that were financial management tools, so we were excited to bring the customer's idea to life. Our specialists decided to create a cross-platform application so that users could access it from their mobile devices, PCs, and tablets. Moreover, we needed to bind the bank APIs, create a personal account for users, and connect an account for payment.

The Invatechs specialists decided to take the following steps to implement an online money manager:

  • Create applications for iOS, Android, and web version for PC;

  • Integrate banking APIs to analyze users' loan history;

  • Integrate services that would link all applications with the paid in advance function;


Our specialists' solution was to create cross-platform applications that would be connected to a single server. Also, to add a web version so that users could not be restricted but could use any convenient way for them to use the product on demand.

The product was created by Invatechs team entirely from scratch. We decided to create a convenient platform that allows users in difficult situations to pay in advance with a personalized fee. Also, add learning features to help improve wealth management through tips and tutorials.

Technologies & tools


Our specialists started to work in 2021 and carefully researched the market for financial control tools to create a completely innovative, user-friendly product. We offered our customer to work according to Scrum methodology, and every week we provided several reports on the work done, bug fixes, as well as plans to implement new features.

Our team used Jira service to keep track of documents and set tasks. To communicate with the client, we chose Slack messenger, which was used for chatting and audio calls. As this was not the first project for our client in partnership with us, we always had a comfortable dialogue and listened to his suggested ideas.

MVP was created in 3 months, and after the customer approved all the features and design, we finalized it to a full-featured wages on demand app. Within another five months, we brought the application to perfection. After testing all the features that allowed us to offer on demand, as well as personalized offers and tutorials, we released the application for release.


Project duration


In this way, the tight-knit Invatechs team realized all of our customer's ideas. We created a financial wealth management platform that not only gives microloans but also allows users to learn information that can bring them up to speed on loans, financial manipulation, rate studies, and other valuable materials.

Due to the integration of open banking APIs, the application has very fast enrollment, and there is a large client base, which allows for a variety of research. They can be used to build a variety of campaigns to attract as well as stimulate users to use the service.

Users, after creating an account, can request any amount from the application due to the integration of API. The system conducts an analysis without human intervention, after which it gives the amount, and then the user can transfer it to his other account. 

The client was completely satisfied with the wages on demand app due to its fresh design and all the features the Invatechs team had fully implemented according to his idea. We continue to support the application, integrate new APIs, and bring in new materials and features.

  • Optimized iOS and Android apps, as well as a web version of the platform;

  • Introduced a feature that offers training materials on wealth management based on user analysis;

  • Integration of several open banking APIs;

  • Added architecture to allow for future innovation.

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