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Top 8 Payroll Software of 2020

In the digital era where business accounting software is readily available, making tax digital does not come as a challenge but rather as a crutch to development and growth. If you are a medium-sized company with up to 250 people, you can use free accounting software for convenience. If you are a bigger company, you should get a customized HMRC payroll software so that you can put your unique conditions and algorithms in a way that they help your company specifically.

The below-mentioned variety of software helps both employees and employers in managing payroll and payslips and making tax digital.

If you are looking for the best payroll software, this is the right article to go through. We have a list of the top 8 business accounting software that will help you pick the best one for you.

Note, if your company has more people than that, HMRC payroll software will not solve your purpose, and you should go ahead with a customized one. There are lots of free accounting software available online, and these are the best ones we have curated for you if you are a company with under 250 people.


One of the most popular and well-known payroll software, it has got excellent features that help almost everyone, and with constant innovations, the team aims to provide their customers with new updates every now and then.

It is possible to automate the calculation, payment, and submission of a company’s local, state, and federal payroll taxes on Gusto. The user-interface is also known to be really good and easy to use, so it is a good idea to take a trial on Gusto if you are looking for HMRC payroll software.


This is a cloud-based software and can streamline payroll processes while also having the option of automation just like other software. It is best known for its usability and extensive features alongside. The users get the value for their money and the facility to make payments through check or direct deposit.

This business accounting software is designed to have unlimited monthly payrolls and the facility of entering information to help the users’ right amounts be reflected. One of the many more advantages that it has includes streamlined payroll. Because of the updated technology they have used, the customers do not find it troublesome to make payments, thus enabling easy processing of payrolls.


This software is ideally designed to manage HR in a pocket-friendly way. It claims to simplify the calculation of earnings, benefits, deduction, etc. and not trouble you from transferring data. There are a lot of management options for you to choose from according to your management style and the company’s working.

All modifications are instantly applied, and it streamlines record management, onboarding, and hiring, among other things. One should definitely choose this software if looking forward to an extensive selection of new benefits options available in the system.

Quickbooks Pro

If you are looking for an already-curated formula that can make the pay dedication fully-automated, this is the best payroll software to pick. Tax-compliance is made hassle-free through this software by providing tax features for ease of data-pooling and submission.

It also boasts having the facility of a one-day direct deposit, giving the employers the facility to keep their employees satisfied with an on-time pay and avoiding delay for the same. The software’s in-house experts handle the process automation, making it almost no work for you and your accounting team bar the supervision that you would like to do.


This is another popular software known for being packed with functionalities, including invoicing, banking, and other accounting-related activities, with close integration with a lot of third-party apps that allow a smooth process.

It is a well-organized app that helps govern your cash flow and, in terms of compensation, also closely keeps noting the working hours. For employees too, there is quite a useful side to this software that gives them a platform to apply for leaves, check payslips, submit timesheets, etc. creating a dedicated space for them to keep the record.


It is free accounting software that is quite well-known to be a common choice of freelancing accountants. It has an expense management kit, and an all-in-one enables direct deposits for fast and painless. It allows direct deposits for fast and painless payments, which is very lucrative for most companies to use the software.

It also gives employees self-service access to their pay stubs and online tax forms. It works for various options in terms of frequency of payments: weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, and even a unique system for part-time and project-based employees.

Intuit Payroll

This is a well-reputed software that lets you create an unlimited number of paychecks quite easily. Live experts and specialists back the team to provide you help anytime you need it, which makes their responsive team a plus if you are not too experienced with such software.

It can also be used as an extension to the QuickBooks account in connection, or as a stand-alone model, depending upon whatever is more convenient and solves your purpose. It claims to be a new-era leader in innovation and payroll management in lieu of the various packages it offers for different budgets and business needs.

Sage 50cloud

Along with robust third-party integrations, this business accounting software has been handy for all the right reasons to a lot of people. It provides real-time solutions for data by providing security for it and organizing it quite well.

It shows accurate and well-accounted for data and has facilities of multiple-step verification, making it an all-you-need portal for companies by letting all levels of employees be connected with the employer. It provides tools for producing legally compliant e-payslips and the files associated accessible.


Payroll software narrows down your work and limits the effort it takes to be involved in the financial working of your company. Certain facilities might be necessary for you, which won’t be for them. Do you ever wonder if you’re using the right one? If that is the case, chances are you’re not satisfied with the current payroll software and should consider getting one customized to give you control over the factors as well.

Take a look at Invatechs’ customized cloud-based payroll solution and see what advantages you can get out of customized software.



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