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Сloud-Based Payroll Software

Multifunctional solution for payroll within the organization


Our client is a state-owned financial services company in the UK that came to us with the idea of streamlining the employee payroll process. The company wanted to make accounting and reporting as straightforward as possible so that employees would spend less time on these tasks and be focused on the company's target goals. 

The Invatechs team needed to build a feature-rich cloud-based software focusing on integrated tools and solutions for accounting, pensions, and HMRC. 

It was a great opportunity for our specialists to apply their experience in creating payroll software, as our specialists are specialized in fintech technologies. We immediately offered several variants for our client, and after discussing additional conditions, we set to work.

To create cloud payroll software, Invatechs specialists decided to undertake the following steps:

  • Creating cloud payroll software for a remote web server;

  • Integrate accounting tools to create full feature-rich software;

  • Implement retirement programs and HMRC;

  • Ensure data security and introduce two-factor authentication.


Our team thoroughly researched UK tax laws and compliance rules to create such a solution. After that, we created the software, which must reside on a remote cloud server. 

This multi-platform solution, and this software can be accessed from different devices and operating systems, so our customer's employees will never have any inconvenience with access to it. Further, we were building up the functionality of the application, which came to just that:

Technologies & tools


The client organization approached us for help in the second quarter of 2016, and we immediately offered to work according to the Kanban methodology. Once a week, we had a sprint with the customer, where our experts provided information about the project's development and already implemented functions. The customer could also make changes or accept the decisions of our experienced specialists.

To keep constant communication with the customer, we used Slack messenger, and to keep track of all the project documentation and set tasks for our specialists, we used the Jira service. At all stages of implementing payroll software for accountants, we maintained constant communication with our client to create a customized solution that could optimize processes within his company.


Project duration


This software was successfully launched in 2017, and to this day, it is part of our customer's ecosystem. We maintain partnerships and periodically introduce new features for this cloud based payroll system. Through this program, payroll for hundreds of companies is currently being managed with it.

As a result, employees can handle payroll even more efficiently. The software created from the ground up by Invatechs is highly customizable and easy to learn how to use. This also has a positive effect on training new employees.

The customer company was completely satisfied with our service and the open dialogue with our specialists. We continue cooperating and responding to new challenges in creating customized and innovative solutions.

  • The efficiency of the accounting department employees increased by 70%+

  • Fully encrypted and secure cloud software

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