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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile Banking App?

Do you still not have a mobile banking app? In a competitive world today, how do you make sure that your customers are satisfied with your internet banking services? Instead of looking for first-hand answers, you should focus on what you already have.

A mobile app is very useful to your company if you have an audience wherein the majority has the services of availing the internet. Having a mobile banking app makes it very easy to perform certain functions that need not require your customers to go to the bank physically.

When you think about it carefully, you are enabling a lot of people who are unable to go to the bank even if they want to. Elderly people, disabled people, and the like struggle to go to the bank. Even most of the working population does not get to go to the bank for their own reasons.

Assisting them in getting the transactions done will give them a relief that will enable them to trust you further and stay loyal to you. This is an excellent idea if you're looking for expansion and growth in the field of banking since everything is going online and the tech for banking isn't too far behind in the race.

The first question that arises in your mind right now must be the cost involved in making a bank app. The answer is quite simple and broken down in the following text and will explain to you the different choices available to you to build a bank app and assisting your customers with online business banking.


There are various ways that you can design an app and make it easier for your customers to access online business banking. Depending upon what you need and what is the outcome you are expecting out of the app, you can devise solutions according to your subjective problems when it comes to online banking.


You can hire an internal team with separate people to do delegated jobs in designing the app. This would mean that the team would be dedicated towards this one task and consequently, the time and cost involved in hiring them.

This would be helpful if you are building a very basic app for trial for you to see if people would actually use it. However, it does come with the risk of low firewall security, no guarantee of breaches, and compromised information.

Having an internal team allows you to guide them in your way and put in all your effort in accomplishing a working structure that you need for your personal banking app. This also comes with the flip side of the same coin being expertise and exposure being limited to the very people involved.


While having an external team might actually prove to be a little more expensive than creating an internal team in the short run, it is much more efficient in the long run. It is crucial to think of your company as a persistent entity and not look for temporary solutions.

This method will help you get the expertise of companies that have been working on projects like these and know how to give you the best of security, interface, and information protection. This ensures the trust of customers and the faith of all stakeholders involved.

Owing to their past experience, they will be better enablers to device online banking solutions for your customers compared to your limited approach. They will also be more helpful in creating setups that you only have the burden to imagine.


When you are hiring separate members to form a team to create a mobile app, you are likely to face problems in setting up the team and managing them. There is going to be a lack of expertise and constant changes to the monetary needs of building the app that shall be proposed halfway into the procedure.

It is a struggle to manage the budget along with the team that has no expertise. On top of that, having to align the employees' right skills in the right direction in order to manage them is also essential. Having companies that use fintech architecture as a result of their past experiences in the field will help you accommodate your app without these managerial hassles.


A lot of factors back the time it takes for building an app for banking online. These factors may vary from the specifications you choose for the app and the facilities that you want to provide to the kind of company you are associated with. It is thus suggested that you join hands with the company with previous experience in fintech architecture and know their way around such apps well.

According to estimates for a moderately complex app with features ranging from the most basic ones to some of the most sophisticated ones, the time taken to make such an app is roughly 70 days.

According to estimates for a moderately complex app with features ranging from the most basic ones to some of the most sophisticated ones, the time taken to make such an app is roughly 70 days.







ATM Locations




Repeat Payments




Google or Apple Pay Integration


Savings Goals


Spending Reports




Unique Services


QR Code Scanning


Push Notifications


Personal Profiles


Budget Categories




Special Offers


Splitting Bills


Customer Support



  • Building an app for internet banking is not that costly and shall help you cover the cost along with a good interest in the form of new customers as well as the loyalty of the current customer base.

  • With a mobile banking app, you give access and convenience to your customers.

  • Having online banking will not only entice them to be more and more involved with the bank but also lessen the burden of physical banking staff and direct them towards technical banking work that takes much more time and expertise.

  • The app will have to be maintained, and there will be some costs to the same, but there are various methods to cover those costs as well. It is like a self-recovery mechanism in the long run.

  • When customers avail of the benefits of your bank online, they feel more belonged and help you connect with more customers.


Building an app to take your bank online is as easy as 7 key steps. You should be confident that a customer base will grow and that the currently connected customers will help in that because of the convenience that they will get out of using the mobile app.

You should think about what kind of app you need and leave the rest to the experts. Want to know more about how the process will go? Curious about what your app will look like finally? Book a free consultancy with our banking app expert and get detailed answers to your questions and start on your process to build your own mobile banking app.

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