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A leading provider of cutting-edge software, Invatechs assists customers in bringing ideas to life and elevating their products.

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Why choose Invatechs?

Invatechs provides top-notch custom application development services, utilizing their knowledge and experience to create one-of-a-kind solutions that meet each customer's specific goals and requirements.

We always find an individual approach to every idea of our customers, offering
a wide range of IT services and knowledge that can help businesses succeed in today's market. Invatechs has qualified specialists from different areas who constantly improve their abilities to create trendsetting products. We always offer unique solutions that can be implemented in the most comfortable time frame.

Our core competency is financial technologies, and however, after ten years of prosperity, we have excelled in other business areas. Invatechs has also completed many projects in Logistics, eCommerce, Real Estate, and Restaurants. Our products are continuously optimized and secured against cyber threats. We always seek a long-term partnership to benefit your business, saving time and budget.

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Open Banking

Open Banking

InvaBank is a cutting-edge online banking application that is built using Invatechs’ white-label solution. This solution includes a variety of standard UI/UX elements and necessary functionality that allows the app to work seamlessly as an online banking service, supporting Open Banking API. 

Open Banking

Vance Pay

Our customer's mission is to improve people's financial well-being by giving them access to unpaid wages on demand. They want to empower employees to meet short-term liabilities by providing them with access to their uncollected income in exchange for a fair transaction fee and access to effective personalized financial management tools. 

Vance Pay
Vance pay

Cryptocurrency Saving Application

The app offers three ways to invest:

  • One-time investments: simply invest once any sums whenever you want

  • Recurring deposit: set up the amount of money you want to invest into cryptocurrency every week or month and it will be withdrawn automatically

  • Round ups: the app tracks user’s transactions and rounds up his daily purchases to the nearest $1, $2 or $5 and accumulates the difference to a certain amount of money and then automatically invest it into cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Saving Application
Cryptocurrency Saving Application

What our customers say about us

Working with Invatechs is always a pleasure. They are always up to date with the latest trends in coding and can be reached whenever their clients need them. It is difficult to find such reliable suppliers who are dedicated and passionate about getting the job done as efficiently as possible. Here at Mars Spiders we look forward to a lasting business relationship with Invatechs and recommend them to anyone looking to get their mobile application live.
CEO Mars Spiders

David Olson

CEO, Mars Spiders, London, UK

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