• Prototyping
    Every startup starts with prototype.
    Successful stories start with
    high-quality prototype.
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  • Minimum Viable Apps
    Why wait and waste valuable time
    on full-scale software development and testing?
    Get to the market today.
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  • Mobile Applications
    Bring new experience.
    Get mobile and let your customers
    be mobile with you.
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Affordable innovation - fast and brilliant, anything with invatechs!
To achieve best results in short time we use best modern practice, opensource and freeware technologies and cloud infrastructure.
Node.js is one of the latest and fast growing technologies for the Web development. It is supported by talented developers and huge community.
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Cloud infrastructure helps you to get to the Web with any ideas right here and right now. Moreover, you can start any project without any fees, and then Cloud will grow up with you.
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Open Source community produces tones of high quality code every day. To get reliable, fast and modern application all you need is to put everything together.
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