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Wealth-Management Software Development

Equip your customers or employees with financial peace of mind, with Invatechs’ custom software development for wealth-management platforms and solutions.

We create powerful and flexible wealth-management solutions and platforms

Financial wellbeing is paramount for employees and consumers’ productivity, mental health and ability to successfully participate in markets. As the global economy faces continual shocks and constraints, new technologies that make lending and credit acquisition easier are a potent tool for employers and tech companies to promote wellbeing, recruit and retain talent.


Wealth-management platforms offer small loans with no need for laborious applications and extensive HR management, with automated reimbursements and credit checks that can assess and offer appropriate payments directly to users.

We build wealth-management platforms with accessibility and ease front and centre

Invatechs’ custom software development experts work with you to design a wealth-management platform with a wide variety of functions your users need, from creating a user to managing a credit calculation method, fees, credit reimbursement as well as budget tips and tools for users.

Embracing the potential of wealth-management platforms

Numerous studies have indicated the impact financial wellbeing can have on physical and mental health, and how this in-turn impacts productivity and happiness at the workplace - this is why wealth-management platforms are becoming increasingly popular amongst employers.

However, the implementation of wealth-management platforms must be regulated, administered and monitored efficiently by your vendor and/or HR management, to ensure users and employees are not locked in another cycle of monthly repayments.

Invatechs can work with you to build a scalable, sustainable and wholly beneficial platform for your customers and users, with features including:

  • Investment tools

  • Utility bills management

  • Tools to calculate income and expenses

  • Financial literacy learning

  • The option to take advances

  • Make deposits

If you’re ready to discover a wealth-management platform that’s perfect for you, partner with Invatechs today

From strategy to development

We deliver full cycle wealth-managementplatform development services and solutions, assisting a range of clients from various industries including start-ups and corporates. We prepare API integration so your platform can easily connect to your 3rd party applications and accounting software.

Invatechs only uses the latest and most optimal technologies, architecture and algorithm solutions for your business to ensure the safety and efficacy of your software.

Invest in your business and users’ future

Wealth-management platforms have the potential to alleviate financial stress and promote good money management for your employees and users, making a significant impact on the productivity and returns for workforces and companies around the world.

Wealth-Management platform Development

How we'll transform your idea

Vance Pay. Wealth-management platform

The customer's mission was to improve people’s financial wellbeing by giving them access to unpaid wages on demand. They want to enable employees to meet short term liabilities by providing employees with access to their unearned income in exchange for a fair transaction fee and access to effective personalised financial management tools.

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