Tax Payment Gateway

fast, simple app, that works for you


The app is a platform to facilitate tax payment process – an online mechanism to make duty and VAT payments run quickly and securely. It has a web and mobile application (iOS and Android) with the help of which you can register and see all your purchases. It is possible to pay for an item by credit/debit card or PayPal system from anywhere you have your smartphone with you.

Used stack

Restful API
Angular JS
Node JS


The main aim of this application is to simplify and automate payments. The platform is designed to make it easier for the users make payments quickly and securely, which means that the parcel avoids being delayed at customs. The system also includes Broker Admin Panel which manages all customers' payments.
The paltform has a web and mobile versions which help the users easily register and see all their purchases. It is possible for them to pay for item by credit/debit card or PayPal system without leaving home!