Payroll Software Development and Custom Payroll Solutions

Payroll Software Development and Custom Payroll Solutions

We redefine the core of workforce management through technology

Invatechs is your guide into HRM technology. Where you see the challenge of automating payroll management, we see the opportunity to streamline the workflows and elevate productivity, accuracy and compliance with our custom solutions. With the experience of delivering nation-standard UK payroll solutions to serve over 5,000 employees, we are well-versed in translating business requirements into functional tools that hit the goals of cost-efficiency and error-free performance.


For end customers

Internal payroll management automation is an ambitious goal, and we’re ready to jump in to offer you custom development from scratch or integration of third-party solutions as needed. Whether you are looking for a custom payroll system or about to adopt an existing product, we’ll make sure to provide end-to-end technology consulting and development.


Taking this route, you can be sure to optimize your total cost of ownership and get the system that matches your size, nature and scale of operations with the right functional scope and capacity.

For product companies

We’ve been happy to partner with some of the most audacious product companies and help them bring their ideas to life. For those looking to fill the niche of HRM automation, we offer end-to-end payroll system development that connects all the dots, from analyzing audience requirements and expectations to long-term maintenance of the final product.


Our competitive solutions rest on our long-standing expertise and study of end users’ needs. That’s how we can deliver the HRIS product to match your value proposition and boost your market presence – all with true partnership ethos.


Payroll automation is one of the most crucial first steps towards bringing more efficiency to HR processes, and it’s important to do it right to lay the groundwork for more HRM digitization. The centerpiece of digital transformation in HRM, custom payroll solutions bring relief by taking workload off human resource managers’ shoulders. This is how:

With preconfigured processes, there is no room for getting it wrong


Templates and integrated forms make record-keeping unified and foolproof


Your most time-consuming HR tasks get automated


From benefits to taxes and deductions, all is done with hardly any human input

Automated calculations

Documents and workflows are validated and tracked easily

Minimized risks of error

Every form, filing times, and payments are aligned with statutory requirements

Legal compliance


Part of our in-house HRIS development competencies, our payroll systems come as web and mobile applications, including those based in the cloud. They can be developed as standalone tools or modules to be integrated into your core workforce management platform. You can opt for developing custom payroll software or integrating a third-party product, where we’ll make it fit seamlessly into your corporate environment.

Our industry focus

From local to distributed to global

Recognizing the variety of staffing models and organizational structures, we provide payroll software development with flexible and dynamic configurations. This will enable you to manage your payroll by branches, divisions, and newly added mergers & acquisitions at local and international levels. In addition, we enable easy management of distributed workforce that spans all types of employment, from full-time and part-time jobs to freelancing and pay-as-you-go model.

Payroll solutions for small business

We know small businesses look for straightforward, cost-efficient and easy-to-adopt payroll management tools, and we can give them just that. With well-rounded functionality, small businesses can zero in on their high-level responsibilities while leaving payroll-related routine to their fail-proof systems.

The functional scope we cover

  • Employee profiling

  • Time and task management

  • Approval workflows and milestone monitoring

  • Payroll calculations

  • Benefits administration

  • Payments by configurable cycles

  • Document management

  • Reporting and analytics

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In our projects for HRM automation, we focus on the following set of priorities to deliver relevant and powerful solutions at all times:


We create UX/UI with attention to customizable components to cater for different branding environments.


Keeping employees’ personal data safe is a must, so we are careful to enable role-based access, two-factor authentication and encryption.


We make sure your payroll solution communicates well with internal systems such as for accounting, ERP and project management, as well as any third-party workforce management applications.


HR management is rife with important data, and we’ll provide you with the ultimate visibility into business-critical metrics through real-time analytics, preconfigured reports, and advanced visualization.


It’s important that your payroll management tool works in tune with the growth of your workforce, that’s why we make it scalable with no downside effects on performance.


We implement solutions in line with national and local legislation and regulations, including tax law and GDPR. We take into account regional differences, for example, Revenue Commissioners’ requirements applicable to Irish payroll software, or IRS regulations for those operating in the United States.


With a product-oriented mindset, our payroll solution developers create systems that can be easily tailored to users’ specific requirements. No vendor lock-in: once you get your solution on board, it’s yours to twist and bend, with our assistance or without.


In our projects for HRM automation, we focus on the following set of priorities to deliver relevant and powerful solutions at all times:

Research and business analysis

Research is a crucial step in how we approach new projects. Our team of custom payroll software developers doesn’t just follow your guidelines to the letter but come up proactively with professional recommendations.

Step 1

Technology consulting

We'll advise you on picking yout most appropriate tech stack and assist with any required software licenses while keeping the cost-benefit ratio optimal.

Step 2

Design, development & testing

This is going to be the core of our cooperation, where we'll be shaping your requirement into a full-bodied product during fast-paced iterations.

Step 3

User buy-in

At the point of releasing the product, we'll stay by side to make sure your end users are receptive of the new tool, and assist you with demos, user manuals and trainings to achieve the highest possible adoption rate.

Step 4


We'll be there to provide necessary updstes to level up the app's security and introduce new features as requested by your user base.

Step 5


Cloud-based payroll system for UK health care institutions

Cloud-based payroll system for UK health care institutions

We brought together payroll and accounting automation in a suite of cloud-based tools for NHS GP practice managers in the UK, recognized by as the best official paid payroll software. This multifunctional and GDPR-compliant UK payroll software serves hundreds of GP practices across the country, making it easy and hassle-free to manage payrolls of over 5,000 employees and partners. The system operates in full compliance with UK tax legislation and enables real-time reporting to HMRC.

Bring your payroll management to the next level. We’ll help.