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Tax Payment Gateway

A platform that simplifies the process of paying taxes for both individuals and businesses


Our client was a fintech software provider in the EU region, and he was looking for qualified specialists who could take on a project to create a cross-platform tax payment application. The customer wanted a feature-rich and fast platform to secure duties and VAT payment. 

The challenge for Invatechs specialists was to secure user data. While developing the payment gateway, it was necessary to use the latest encryption and data protection methods to exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to the personal data of application users.

Since the customer wanted a cross-platform solution, we took the issue of optimization and testing seriously so that the product would work equally effectively on any platform. Besides, it was important for us to create an extremely user-friendly interface so that the application users would not have to study it for a long time and that everything would be intuitive and easy to understand. 

Also, our team did a lot of research and analysis of all aspects of the EU tax system before developing the platform. Nevertheless, Invatechs decided to take the following steps to create a tax payment gateway:

  • Create a cross-platform application for web and mobile devices;

  • Integrate an API for the payment gateway;

  • Implement tools to maximize platform security.


Invatechs provides a solution in the form of a tax payment gateway designed to simplify and automate the tax payment process. The application's main goal is to provide a secure and fast way to pay taxes. 

The platform is developed to be user-friendly, with web and mobile versions. It allows users to easily register, view all their purchases, and make payments. Users can use credit/debit cards or PayPal to pay from the comfort of their own homes, saving users time and energy.

The platform also includes a broker admin panel that manages all customer payments, keeping their transactions safe and secure and making it easy for users to track their payments. This helps users be aware of their payments' status and avoid customs delays.

One of the key elements of the solution is security. Invatechs uses the latest encryption and data protection methods to protect customers' personal information and prevent unauthorized access. This ensures a high level of security and reliability for all users.

In this way, app users get a very efficient and feature-rich solution that makes tracking purchases and paying taxes easy.

Technologies & tools


The customer approached us in 2019, and within a week, we discussed all the project details, and then we began development. We used Slack to communicate directly with the client, and our specialists used Jira to track tasks and maintain documentation.

During the development of the tax payment gateway platform, Invatechs specialists decided to use the Kanban methodology, providing weekly reports on stages of development and further plans for implementation. 

In the first stage, an interesting analysis of the target users and market research were conducted to understand what features and capabilities should be included in the tax payment gateway platform. This helped to determine the main features and parameters of the application based on current trends and the target audience's needs.

Then, based on this information, a general concept of the payment gateway was developed, including functional and technical requirements, design, and user interface. Invatechs then began prototyping to test ideas and concepts. After Invatechs created the MVP and demonstrated and received customer approval, we moved on to the main implementation phase of the project.

After that, the active development phase began, including architecture creation, technology selection, and code writing. The team also tested and debugged the payment gateway to ensure its performance and stability when using different devices. During this process, the specialists paid a lot of attention to security, ensuring the system met the highest security requirements and was protected from any possible threats.


Project duration


Overall, creating a modern and convenient tax payment gateway was a complex and multifaceted task that required high technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of tax systems. However, thanks to the efforts of Invatechs specialists, an innovative payment gateway was created that easily meets the highest security and usability requirements.

Due to the positive results after the release of the cross-platform tax payment gateway application, the client was very satisfied with the Invatechs specialists' work and expressed his desire to continue cooperating. He appreciated the Invatechs team's high level of professionalism and the quality of work we delivered and was confident that in the future, we could tackle even more complex tasks together using our customized approach.

  • Quick and easy-to-use cross-platform application

  • The user base grew by 20% in the first year of implementation

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