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Shuttle Finance - Automatic Savings App

A multifunctional application that helps users make short and long term financial goals


Our customer provides services in the financial sector, and he turned to our team for help in creating a modern and automatically save money application, which could help users to make automatic and convenient savings for various needs, with minimal manipulation.

The Invatechs team's goal was to create a platform that would allow different ways of saving money. To make it easy for users to track statistics and interact with the app, it was decided to implement it on a cross-platform basis. Also, in order to provide the app with a seamless expansion in the future, our team decided to make a microservice architecture.

To allow users to fund their accounts, we also integrated banking APIs from all the banks in the region where the app's target audience would be. Also, we had to take care of the security of user data and the service itself as a whole. That's why we used state-of-the-art encryption technologies to achieve that goal.

The Invatechs specialists decided to take the following steps to implement the app:

  • Create a cross-platform app for iOS, Android, and PC devices;

  • Add a microservice architecture for future implementations of new features;

  • Create multiple fund accumulation strategies;

  • Create advanced security for user data and the server part of the app.


The Invatechs team took seriously the question of creating a modern and convenient solution in the form of a platform for long and short term financial goals. We decided to create a cross-platform application that would run from a single server. Also, in order to keep the application always on trend, we added features for further expansion of the application.

Taking the idea of creating multiple types of savings strategies as the basis, we developed three main solutions. Users will be able to customize their own preferences in the principles of saving money. The most convenient options are present, from automatic transfers to rounding and more:

  • One-time transfers: users can choose any amount of money and save it at any time.

  • Regular transfers: the app automatically withdraws a fixed amount of money weekly or monthly (set by users).

  • Automatic roundings: the app automatically rounds up the user's daily purchases to the nearest dollar and accumulates the difference. There are certain limits for summaries, which can be set by the administrator in the settings. The user can make two transactions per day with an amount limit of $5.

Our team of experts created this solution completely from scratch and tried to make it as safe and user-friendly as possible. We also used DynamoDB to keep transaction data secret and always provide the information the user needs.

Also, all user accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000, and to comply with bank security rules, we used 256-bit encryption, which is the standard. To enable users to deposit and withdraw funds from our automatic savings app, we have added open APIs of many services for users' comfort.

Technologies & tools


Our team began this project in early 2020, and before we began prototyping, we conducted a research campaign on competitors and customer loyalty to this type of application. After these manipulations, we proceeded to create the MVP, which was implemented within two months. After approval of all the functionality from the client, we immediately proceeded to create the full-fledged product.

We suggested our customer work with Agile methodology because it allows us to manage the project more efficiently and adapt quickly to the changes in customers' requirements. We used Jira to keep track of project tasks and documentation while the full-fledged communication took place via Slack messenger. 

Invatechs developed the application to full functionality in several stages, where design, code writing, and product testing took part. We also considered all end-user needs and preferences to create a secure and competitive product. During the development process, we used all the advanced technologies and tools to improve the efficiency and quality of the project. It took our team eight months to create, optimize and release to market an automatically save money app.


Project duration


Invatechs team, as a result, was able to fully meet all the requests of our client, where we implemented his ideas, as well as introduced our refinements to help follow the trends of the modern market. Our application helps users to make savings in both the long and short term in the most convenient ways for them.

We've also introduced many technologies which provide maximum security for users of the app. Also, they can access the platform not only from mobile devices but also through the web version, which facilitates the interaction with the manipulation of funds. 

Our client was completely satisfied with the cohesiveness of our team, which helped the project evolve from an idea into a viable product. With the help of our solution, the customer successfully expanded their customer base. Also, we became long-term partners, where we further support this project and add new features.

  • A cross-platform application for usability;

  • Open banking APIs were integrated to expand the audience;

  • Modern technologies for data encryption were used.

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