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Gifting Platform

The platform provides the ability to create group gifts and divide the cost between givers


Invatechs was challenged by its customer to develop a platform allowing group gift-giving. This platform would be useful for organizations, companies, friends, and families who want to jointly buy a gift for colleagues, friends, or loved ones. The idea was that each participant could contribute a gift, and when all the necessary amounts were collected, the gift could be selected and purchased.

The first step in creating the gifting platform was to conduct market research and customer needs. To create this platform, Invatechs had to solve several technical problems. In particular, it was necessary to develop a user-friendly interface for users that would allow them to create groups and manage the list of participants. Solving security issues and protecting members' personal data was also necessary.

One of the biggest challenges Invatechs faced was dealing with technical issues related to capturing and managing financial transactions between group members. It was important to securely collect and store financial data and provide a convenient payment method. Our specialists made the following decisions to create such a platform:

  • Create a web application;

  • Develop a simple and intuitive design;

  • Integrate bank APIs for convenient payment;

  • Create functions for organizing joint gifts.


The essence of the solution is that users can create groups and invite their friends and family members to join them. They can then choose the gift they want and divide the cost among all group members. Each participant can contribute to the cost of the gift, allowing them to reduce the burden on one person and make the gift more affordable.

The system also offers the ability to track the payment process and monitor who has already contributed and who hasn't. The gift is sent to the recipient when all group members have contributed their payment.

This approach to group gift arrangements can be useful for various situations, such as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, or other celebrations where multiple people want to contribute to a gift.

Invatechs' solution simplifies the group gift-giving process, makes it more convenient and affordable, and allows participants to co-create better and more expensive gifts.

Finally, Invatechs had to ensure high security and protection of users' data to ensure trust in the platform and keep it safe from possible cyberattacks and hacks.

Technologies & tools


Invatechs took over this project in 2020, and we negotiated for a week, signed an NDA and related contracts, and then began work. Our specialists worked according to Kanban methodology, and we provided the client with monthly reports on the work done and subsequent implementations. We kept in touch through Slack messenger and tracked tasks through the Jira service. 

Based on our research, we proceeded to create the MVP platform. A user-friendly interface was created where you could easily create private lobbies to invite members. This phase also included defining user scenarios and function blocks and selecting the necessary technology to implement the platform. 

After prototyping and client approval, we created a full-fledged web application. We had already integrated various APIs, one of them was Stripe, which can be used to make credit card payments from anywhere in the world through the platform. 

The application provides high security of data and payments by using .NET framework. Code minimization provides the application with high speed and availability, reducing load time and improving user interaction. All logic is handled on the server side, allowing the application to scale while maintaining stability.

Then the development and testing phase of individual modules and functions began. All modules and functions were tested during the testing process, and bugs were identified and eliminated. After polishing the web application, we successfully launched it.


Project duration


Invatechs specialists managed to create a user-friendly tool for giving group gifts, and since this solution was not available in the client's potential region, it became popular immediately. As a result, the platform became a convenient and functional gift-giving tool that a wide audience of users could use.

The customer was satisfied with the work of Invatechs specialists and the product that was created. He appreciated the high quality of work, thoughtfulness, and functionality of the platform, as well as the professionalism and willingness of the Invatechs team to solve all problems at a high level. This led to the client's desire to continue collaborating in the future, which confirms the effectiveness of Invatechs in creating innovative products for their clients.

  • A fast and secure web application

  • Thoughtful design and easy navigation

  • Possibility to place cooperative orders

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