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E-commerce platform for buying and selling horses


The customer requested Invatechs to develop an app for selling and buying horses. The idea was to create a platform where sellers could list horses and buyers could view horse information and contact sellers to buy. Also, the app would allow users to browse a variety of horses and find one that suited their needs and budget. 

The customer also wanted the app to include an online payment feature and be available for use on both iOS and Android. In addition, the customer wanted the app to offer transaction management tools, including horse evaluation, payment, and shipping tools. We also had to implement features into the platform that would provide information about the horses' health and history, photos, videos, and other details that might be important to buyers.

After the customer contacted Invatechs, our team sat with them to discuss the details and develop a roadmap. Our developers suggested creating a platform including search, filtering, vendor contact, ratings, and reviews to accomplish this goal. We also ensured the security and protection of user data by developing a system of horse verification and user authentication. 

Our experts decided to take the following steps to create a platform for selling and buying horses:

  • An iOS and Android app;

  • Integrate social networks and maps;

  • Create a secure environment;

  • Integrate a chat system between users.


Invatechs has developed a solution to create a mobile app that allows users to sell and buy horses. The app allows authorizing through social networks such as Facebook and Google and sharing photos on Twitter and Instagram. With the built-in YouTube player, users can upload videos to their YouTube account and view them within the app.

One of the app's key features is saving potential horses in different collections, facilitating the user experience and helps organize horses into different categories. Users can also form other resources outside the app, giving them more freedom to manage their data. The in-app chat feature allows users to chat with other horse enthusiasts, share tips and recommendations, and communicate with buyers and sellers.

To ensure the safety and security of users' data, Invatechs has taken steps to protect the platform from cyber-attacks and hacks. The app uses strong encryption methods to protect user data and has robust security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to user information.

Overall, the Invatechs horse buying and selling app provides users with a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for horse lovers to communicate with each other and manage their horse-related activities in a safe and convenient environment. Also, some features allow you to display ads in the top categories, highlight them with special placeholders, and other ways to promote your listing.

Technologies & tools


Our client turned to Invatechs specialists for help in 2017, and after all the discussions and signing of contracts, we got to work. We immediately offered an Agile methodology, where weekly sprints were held with progress reports and plans for future implementations in the project. Also, to keep all the project documentation and set tasks for the specialists, we used Jira service. Also, we used Slack messenger to communicate constantly with the client.

Our team was tasked with creating a mobile application for buying and selling horses. We used a technology stack consisting of Swift and Java for iOS and Android platforms. In addition, we integrated WebSockets to provide users with real-time updates.

After we conducted a competitor analysis and figured out all the key details to create an innovative product, we started to develop the MVP of the app. It involved creating a user-friendly interface that allowed users to easily navigate the app's features.

Once the MVP was approved, we proceeded to develop the full application. We integrated various APIs to make the app as user-friendly and appealing to users as possible. Various social media APIs were integrated so that authentication and google maps were easy, where users could mark exactly where the horse was.

The development process also included thorough testing of each module and feature to ensure everything worked correctly. During this stage of development, we identified and eliminated all bugs and flaws. Finally, we polished the app before its successful launch.


Project duration


Overall, the creation of this application required careful planning and execution to ensure that we delivered a product that met our client's expectations while providing a user-friendly interface and advanced functionality. Using Swift, Java, and WebSockets, we created a feature-rich and robust application that met our client's and its users' requirements.

Users were particularly pleased with the app, as it was the perfect platform to find quality horses that fit their preferences. They appreciated the ease of searching for horses and the comprehensive information about each animal, including photos and videos.

The app's success has been widespread, leading to a significant increase in the number of users. It has become a popular platform for horse enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. The app has earned an excellent reputation, and positive reviews continue to pour in. 

  • Convenient horse buying and selling app for iOS and Android

  • Features that allow users to find the best possible deal

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