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A platform for individuals and legal entities that allows currency manipulation.


The customer was the company FIND.EXCHANGE, which asked Invatechs to create a transparent platform/currency converter for individuals and legal entities with a user-friendly interface and a full set of currency handling capabilities. The main challenge Invatechs faced was to create a product that would meet the customer's requirements and satisfy user needs.

A key aspect was creating a simple and user-friendly interface for the currency converter that would allow users to quickly and easily find information on currency transactions. To do this, Invatechs used advanced data visualization and design techniques to create an intuitive and attractive interface.

It was also a challenge for Invatechs to ensure a high level of security and confidentiality of user data, which required a careful design of secure data storage and processing systems. Also, to add functionality to track currency statistics through charts and other tools.

Finally, Invatechs also had to integrate the platform with various card providers, post offices, travel agents, and supermarkets so that users could quickly and easily find the best deals on exchange rates and other services, which was also a significant challenge.

  • Web-based converter;

  • Integrate tools for working with currencies;

  • Integrate banking APIs;

  • Creating a secure environment.


Invatechs has developed an innovative currency converter with real-time functionality that gives users access to world currency exchange rates. It has autonomous capabilities that allow quick and easy currency exchange transactions. With historical charts available for up to 5 years, users can analyze changes in exchange rates and make decisions based on the data.

One of the key features of the app is its 24/7 accessibility through absolutely any web browser, giving users the ability to be up-to-date on exchange rates at any time. Drag-and-drop currency widgets make the web application easy to use, which increases its functionality. The animation-rich design of the application attracts the user's attention and makes navigation more efficient.

Invatechs Currency Converter has many features, including bank card and bank account processing and cash currency exchange. In addition, the app integrates with other financial tools, such as online banking and e-wallets, making it a versatile and flexible tool for dealing with currencies. All this makes the Invatechs currency converter app ideal for individuals and businesses looking for a convenient and reliable currency solution.

Technologies & tools


Our company began developing this project in 2018, and after discussing all the details and signing contracts, we started the work. We employed the Agile methodology, where our specialists held weekly meetings to review progress and plan for future implementations. In addition, to maintain constant communication with the client, we utilized the Slack messenger, and to assign tasks to specialists, we used the Jira service. 

Invatechs created the currency converter using modern solutions and programming patterns. The React framework created the user interface, allowing us to create a user-friendly and efficient user experience. A third-party data provider API was used to retrieve exchange rate data, making it possible to get up-to-date data in real-time.

To create the currency converter, Invatechs began by designing the user interface and defining the application's core functionality. Then, the currency converter's minimum viable version (MVP) was created to test and get user feedback.

Once the MVP was approved, Invatechs started developing the platform with all the added APIs and functionality. We created a scalable microservice architecture and database to store exchange rates and currency information. In the future, this will be good for updating functionality and adding new features. During the development process, Invatechs paid attention to the design and functionality of the application to create a user-friendly and straightforward currency converter for a wide range of users.

After creating the platform, Invatechs performed testing, including functional, performance, and security testing. When all QA steps were completed, the platform was released, made, and presented to the customer. Who, in turn, after approval - launched this converter.


Project duration


The customer of this platform, FIND.EXCHANGE was very satisfied with the results of the Invatechs specialists' work. He appreciated the quality of the product that was created and was pleasantly surprised by the speed of its development. The customer was very impressed with the level of professionalism of the Invatechs team and their ability to deliver high-quality technical solutions to their requirements.

The customer was thoroughly satisfied with how Invatechs handled the assignment and achieved the project objectives. He stated that Invatechs was easy and accommodating to work with and that the team was readily available to provide professional assistance and the best ideas and people to implement them. 

The customer also appreciated how Invatechs worked closely with his team to ensure that the developed solutions fully met his needs and requirements. As a result, the customer received an innovative product that gave him a competitive edge in the marketplace and helped him meet his customers' requirements successfully.

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