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Currency Converter Application

Modern and multifunctional trading platform for currency exchange


Our customer was a fintech startup looking for specialists to implement the idea of creating a multifunctional web-based currency converter. The customer's vision was to create a transparent platform for individuals and legal entities with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of currency-handling capabilities. 

The primary objective of Invatechs was to develop a user-friendly and rapid application that would enable users to convert currencies quickly and keep track of the current exchange rates. Another crucial factor was providing the program with dependability, security, and a positive user experience.

Invatechs got the chance to demonstrate its creative approach to resolving technical issues and its capacity to cooperate with the customer while considering the interests and requirements. Overall, the project provided Invatechs with exceptional application development experience and helped the business establish a solid reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable technology partner.

The Invatechs team decided to take the following steps to create a currency converter:

  • Create a web application;

  • Integrate banking APIs;

  • Implement payment gateways and currency tracking.


Invatechs provided a quality solution in the form of a currency converter focused on users' demands and considered the fintech market's peculiarities. 

For this purpose, we created an intuitive UI/UX that allowed users to easily set up conversion parameters, select the desired currencies and get up-to-date exchange rates. The currency converter also included widgets and tools for converting currencies via user cards or electronic wallets, enabling rapid transactions and providing accurate exchange rate information.

Invatechs used cutting-edge technology and algorithms to ensure the application's dependability and security, guaranteeing user data safety and transaction security. Also, the application server must be fully stabilized and have advanced DDOS protection. Other features have also been provided, including notifications of significant market occurrences, exchange history, graphs of exchange rates with various time frames up to five years, and others.

This makes sure that users can quickly find and compare the best exchange rates, speeds, offers, and costs of currency exchange, money transfers, and prepaid currency cards by comparing currency exchange bureaus, banks, online money transfer providers, card providers, post offices, travel agencies, supermarkets, and more.

Technologies & tools


Throughout 2018, Invatechs created a web-based currency converter application. We employed cutting-edge programming techniques and technologies. An effective and user-friendly application was made using React technology. It enables the creation of modular components, which streamlines development and enables quick adjustments.

Slack was our primary method of communication with the customer, and we also kept up with basic documentation and task tracking using Jira. We developed an MVP in under two months that met all customer requirements. Then we moved on to the fundamental construction of the currency converter project after discussing and approving the addition of new features.

We also used several APIs to construct the program, which gives data on currency exchange rates. The application updates all of the data it displays in real-time. To secure the application and protect user data, Invatechs deployed specialized encryption and hashing methods. All transactions use HTTPS, which provides strong protection against data interception.


Project duration


The currency converter project for Invatechs was a great opportunity for the company to prove itself in the fintech area and demonstrate its professionalism in creating high-quality applications. 

The fintech startup, which is our customer, was completely satisfied with the results of our work. We constantly kept in touch with him and always offered solutions that would help bring innovation to the modern fintech market.

Developing a currency converter for Invatechs was a complex and multi-process project. Still, due to the use of advanced technologies and innovative approaches, the company solved all the problems encountered and created a high-quality and user-friendly web application for users.

  • User-friendly and optimized web application

  • Integration of multiple bank APIs

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