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Connect mobile app developers with potential users


A customer approached Invatechs for help creating a special multifunctional platform. The key idea behind it was to provide the most effective interaction between two user groups - developers and those ready to use the applications and provide feedback for rewards.

First of all, Invatechs was tasked with developing an algorithm that would allow it to collect data about potential users who choose applications and provide feedback about them. This required creating a robust and secure data collection and analysis engine that could quickly process large amounts of data and turn it into usable reports for developers who receive feedback.

Additionally, making the platform as easy and user-friendly for developers and users as possible was an important aspect of our team. Invatechs had to create an intuitive interface allowing potential testers to find applications they could be most interested in.

For Invatechs, ensuring that the platform was as reliable and secure as possible was critical, especially regarding the financial transactions that go through the rewards system. Our team had to create a system that would protect users from fraud and hacking and provide fast and reliable rewards.

Invatechs decided to create this platform by taking the following steps:

  • Create a secure web platform;

  • Integrate banking APIs for paying rewards;

  • Create a user-friendly interface;

  • Develop an effective rewards system for testers.


Invatechs has developed a unique solution to create a platform that helps mobile app developers attract potential users. This solution allows developers to connect with users who are interested in certain types of applications, in turn, based on preferences, and the platform offers to install it.

Users could use their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Google, to register on the platform, which made the registration process more convenient. In addition, the platform included the ability to track completed tasks and reward history, allowing users to easily manage their activities.

Users received a certain amount of cash rewards for each install and use and feedback about the app. Developers could add their apps to the platform and set up reward terms for users who installed and used them. Let's say how much time to spend in the app, what information a tester has to provide, and a host of others, as this is all customizable.

The platform developed by Invatechs is a convenient and effective tool to connect mobile app developers with potential users, allowing users to receive rewards for using their apps and for developers to increase engagement with their apps and improve their app quality.

Technologies & tools


Our company started to develop this project in 2020, and after discussing all the details and signing contracts, we started the work. We used the Kanban methodology, where our specialists once a week provided reports on the work done and plans for future implementations. In addition, to keep constant communication with the client, we used messenger Slack, and to set tasks for specialists, we used Jira service.

Creating a platform for communication between potential users and mobile application developers was a complex process that included developing a feature-rich web version, which was also perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Invatechs specialists used state-of-the-art technologies and tools to achieve the goal.

In the first development phase, Invatechs specialists set out to create a minimally viable product. The MVP was a simple version of the platform that included the basic functions necessary for the system to work. It allowed for proof of concept and user feedback.

After the client approved the prototype, we got down to the main part of the product development. After its completion, we proceeded to the next stages. For testing the system, we created a set of tests that allowed us to reveal and fix bugs and issues in the platform's operation. User tests were also conducted to check the usability and interface design.

After successful testing, the platform was ready for release. The Invatechs team provided the customer with a full working version of the platform. After the release, additional testing was performed to ensure the system was stable and secure.


Project duration


The customer of this platform was satisfied with the results of Invatechs specialists' work. First, he was pleasantly surprised that the project was completed on time despite the challenges and limited budget. In addition, the platform was customized to meet all of the customer's requirements.

Particular attention was paid to the usability of the platform, both for application developers and testers. Finally, the customer was satisfied with the fact that the platform was designed with all current trends and technologies in mind, ensuring its long-term viability and readiness for further scalability. As a result, the customer received a high-quality product that met their needs and expectations.

  • A unique system of rewarding testers

  • Increased user interest in new products

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