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AI-driven News Summarization Platform

Aggregating information from various sources and creating short, summaries for easy comprehension.


Our client is a forward-thinking company looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence to make information more accessible and understandable. They approached Invatechs with an innovative idea for a real-time platform that could intelligently process and aggregate news content, providing users with concise and personalized summaries.

Our goal at Invatechs was to create a secure system driven by artificial intelligence that could navigate the vast amount of news on the Internet, selecting relevant information and organizing it in an easy-to-read format. We realized the complexity and prospect of such a project and jumped at the opportunity to develop something truly unique. The anticipated steps of the team to create a modern news aggregation platform included:

  • Developing a robust algorithm to analyze and understand different news sources, recognizing key information and topics;

  • Implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to rewrite and summarize news in a coherent and engaging way;

  • Creating a user-friendly interface to customize news preferences and display;

  • Ensuring scalability and adaptability to a wide range of topics and user interests.


The Invatechs team primarily focused on using artificial intelligence to create a tool that is not only efficient but also intuitive and user-friendly. The challenge was to make it easy for users to navigate the UI/UX and access summarized news content without any prior experience with the system.

We developed a unique algorithm capable of gathering information from various news portals and intelligently processing it into a summarized document. This transformation goes beyond simple aggregation to provide a holistic and enriched version of the news. This is how we achieved our goal of offering a unique and intelligent news summary:

Artificial intelligence-based content generation

The platform is based on a generative artificial intelligence model to analyze and understand different news sources, identify important details, and create comprehensive summaries. This ensures a consistent and engaging presentation of information across different topics.

Customizable user interface

A customized user interface allows users to filter news by preference, set the frequency of updates, and easily navigate summarized content. Informative graphs and charts display trends and patterns in news consumption.

Subscription system

A subscription model allows users to access personalized summaries and additional features tailored to their interests. Two-factor protection and robust security measures, including DDOS protection, keep users safe.

Data aggregation

Efficiently collecting and aggregating news from various sources requires careful data processing. Our system uses sophisticated aggregation queries to combine information, optimizing server resources.

Quality control and analysis

A system for assessing and ensuring the quality of aggregated content, preventing inconsistencies and distortions in the generated summaries. Continuous analysis helps to improve the algorithm for better performance.

Scalable Architecture

The platform is built with scalability in mind, and it is able to adapt to increasing workloads and user demands, ensuring uptime and flexibility for future enhancements.

Technologies & tools


This project for us started in 2021 when we worked closely with a customer who needed to create a unique tool based on generative artificial intelligence. Our task was to create an algorithm capable of collecting data from news portals and processing it into unique resulting articles. After two months of intensive work, the prototype was fully approved, and we moved on to developing a full-fledged platform.

We worked according to the Agile methodology, where our specialists prepared daily reports and actively discussed with the customer the completed work and future plans. We used Jira to track tasks and documentation and Slack to communicate with the customer.

After all stages of development and final testing, an artificial intelligence algorithm was launched to collect and analyze news data from all over the world, transforming it into high-quality and unique summary documents.


Project duration


Invatechs has successfully accomplished this task by creating an intelligent system that uses artificial intelligence to gather information from various news sources. The system automatically synthesizes the collected data into coherent and unique summary documents.

The success of the project was due to working together with the client, where we listened to their opinions and offered innovative solutions. We continue to collaborate with the customer, periodically releasing updates and adding new features to keep the system in line with the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

  • An intelligent platform that synthesizes global news into unique summaries

  • A scalable solution that provides valuable insights across multiple domains

  • Artificial intelligence-based technologies are making way for the future of media consumption and analysis.

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