Shuttle Finance

automatic, goal-based saving solution


The core idea of the project was to give the users the inspiration and flexibility to realize their short and long-term financial goals. Our task was to create an application that would work as a piggy box and help people to accumulate money automatically.

Used stack

React Native
Aws Api Gateway
Amazon SNS
Amazon SES
AWS Cloudwatch


The app works as a savings assistance to the users – whether they are saving for an emergency fund, a wedding, a vacation or whatever else. The users download the application, create goals and are prompted to setup automated ways to save, including a popular round ups feature, which ties savings to spending.

The app offers three ways to save money:

  • One-time transfer: the users can choose any sum of money and save it at any time
  • Recurring transfers: the app automatically withdraws fixed amount of money weekly or monthly (set up by users)
  • Automatic round-ups: the app automatically rounding up user’s everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and accumulates the difference. There are certain limits for round-ups which can be set up by admin user in settings. The user can carry out 2 transactions per day with an amount limit $5.

We implemented the logic of accumulating round ups transactions. It’s a very small type of transactions (the average amount is $0.30-3.50). To reduce the number of such small transaction, backend accumulates round ups up to a certain sum (can be changed in settings) and only then transfer it.

We used DynamoDB to store data about all transactions. It assures the users high-quality support by providing them with comprehensive information about all their transfers.

All accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000. In addition, we utilize bank-level security, 256-bit encryption (in transit & at rest) and conform to all banking regulations.

We implemented integration with banking services such as CorePro and Plaid. It allows the users to connect all their bank accounts and monitor their transactions.


Shuttle is one of those obvious solutions that work seamlessly to improve lives and really drive change for users looking for a benefit that has universal appeal. Shuttle provides users with a simple way to automatically save for the things they love.