Ethereum Based ICO

using Solidity smart contracts


Our task was to create an ETH-based ICO using Solidity smart contracts.

Due to the nature of the custom ETH ICO with a high risk of creating faulty or not fully functional smart contract and without clear ability to cancel it, this project had to be developed with a high level of caution and care to details. As a result, it was required to cover smart contract with a comprehensive number of tests and deploy it on the “TestNet” before sending to production.

According to the modern requirements to the financial applications it was necessary to create so-called KYC process for onboarding investors.


We developed a full ICO cycle from initial smart contract requirements collection to production network deployment.

There were implemented three stages of ICO, each fixed by time and controlled by smart contracts. The contract also monitors the number of tokens sold, restricts the number of investments and provides customers with bonuses at every stage of ICO.

You can exchange fiat money for the tokens and also use the main crypts (Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH)) to buy the tokens.

Smart сontracts features: Burn feature, Refund feature, Pause feature, PostDelivery, Whitelist features, Oraclize, fiatContract.

Used stack

Smart Contracts


We helped our customer to raise money for their idea and to enter the market. As a result, we created our own platform to speed up ETH-based ICO and decrease the rate of errors in smart contracts.