Kino-Mo: Cloud-Based Content Management Platform

for British startup that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies


The task was to create a cloud-based Management Platform which allows the user to upload video files or images from cloud infrastructure and send them to a device to be displayed as a hologram. All the devices had to compose a network covering different locations.


Our Content Management System enables you to create and manage your advertising campaign easily. You can choose a certain file to be sent to the devices, set the time and frequency of its display, pick the location of the devices all around the world. And you can receive a detailed report of all your completed campaigns. It also provides integration of a device with cloud infrastructure. Once signed in you will enjoy the user-friendly web app navigation. It can be done on both a desktop PC or a laptop via any browser.

Microservices architecture

Within the project, the high load fragments of the application were moved into separate microservices, which allows to achieve a uniform loading of server resources and flexible load distribution and to prevent the application from crashing.

Video converter

Standalone microservice application converting videos using FFmpeg codec set. FFmpeg is used to convert an incoming video file for playback on an endpoint device, which has special requirements for the video format.

Integration with Unity

Graphical 3D engine Unity is integrated into a web application and is used to animate the images and their further conversion into video and playback on the device.

Drawing graphs using the С3 library

We used C3 library to generate graphs and diagrams with information on the operation of devices displaying holograms and to visualize reports on advertising campaigns.

Subscription system

The subscription system allows getting a license for devices, according to which the user can work with the devices for a limited period of time.

Flexible access control system

The flexible system of permissions allows you to create any groups of users, as well as provide individual permissions for individual users.

Video Stream Analysis System

A system for analyzing downloaded video files prevents downloading a video that can’t be played on the device correctly.

Integration with Google maps

The application displays all the devices on the map. Through the map you can get information about any device, its characteristics, loading and efficiency. It is possible to select a group of devices for further creation of an advertising campaign.

Full backend test coverage

The server application is fully covered with Mocha tests, which ensures the stability of the development of new functionality and fault tolerance of the system as a whole.

Pixel perfect design

The design of the web application perfectly matches the layouts.

MongoDB aggregation

The project uses complex aggregation requests to combine data arrays, which allows excluding their further transformation on the server application, thereby saving system resources.

Used stack

Google Maps API
MS Azure


Kino-mo was awarded Top 3 British innovations in 2015 UK Tech Start-up of the Year.