Our projects

Open Banking

banking service application

Vance Pay

microcredit platform

Cryptocurrency Saving Application

buy cryptocurrency simple and secure

Сloud-Based Payroll Software

for GP surgeries and primary care practices in the UK

Ethereum Based ICO

using Solidity smart contracts

Shuttle Finance

automatic, goal-based saving solution

Kino-Mo: Cloud-Based Content Management Platform

for British startup that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies

Currency Converter for Fintech Startup

new and powerful marketplace for currency exchange.

Tax Payment Gateway

fast and simple app, that works for you

Analytical Satellite Tracking System

optimize your business processes

School Gifting Application

create a group gift and split the cost

BIN Report

status tracking app for parcels

Sales Paddock

e-commerce platform for buying and selling horses


connect mobile app developers with potential users