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We create Node.js web applications and websites based on our Node.js development tools and popular Node.js frameworks.

Why use Node.js?

Unlike classic approach (PHP, etc.) Node.js web applications are really scalable and powerful. Any Node.js app is Cloud-ready and will handle thousands of users' requests per second. But it is easy to implement and control without additional expenses. Also there is no need to spend much time to install Node.js on any system. Node.js deployment is rather fast and easy task.

Our Node.js Projects

Most of our projects are implemented using Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.JS, Cordova and other modern development tools.

We are a part of opensource movement and we constantly share our work with the community.


To improve communication possibilities of our applications we have created sender-js module. It's a Node.js module that can send multiple messages simultaneously to different services (e-mail, Slack, REST API, etc.). The module is used as notification tool.

sender-js is implemented with Node.js as main development tool. The module provides unified API for Nodemailer, Mailgun, Slack, and Request.js libraries


ADAMS stands for "automated deploy and monitoring system". It uses GitHub and BitBucket webhooks to clone, deploy and notify application owners.

ADAMS is written with Node.js and uses REST API to receive notification hooks from GitHub and BitBucket. Then the application clones and deploys customized project and can run specified SH-script to run or restart the deployed project.

CC Collect

CC Collect Pay is a platform to facilitate tax payment process - an online mechanism for accurate duty and VAT payments.

The project is developed with Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.JS, Redis and REST API approach. We use Node.js on server backend, Node.js Express module to handle REST API requests, Redis caching server to store current state, and MongoDB as main storage for all CC Collect data.

CC Collect fronted implemented with Angular.JS, HTML5, JQuery and Bootstrap framework for responsive design. The result represents a single page Angular.js web application that is suitable for desktop PCs and any mobile device.

Also CC Collect project includes its own mobile application for iOS and Android. The application Is written with Cordova framework and use REST API to communicate with Node.js server to send and receive all the necessary data.

My Money Karma

My Money Karma offers you a secure platform to aggregate and view all your financial information in one place.

My Money Karma is written using Node.js as backend, Redis to store session data and MySQL as main database. The front-end is made with Angular.JS, JQuery, and uses REST API to receive and send data to the sever.

InvaNode CMS

InvaNode CMS is a Node.js CMS which can be used as the basis for any website. The main advantage of InvaNode – its speed and usability.

InvaNode CMS fully written in Node.js and uses MongoDB as main database. Our CMS can evenly distribute the load between all available CPUs in the system.

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