Customized payroll suite with all the tools you need

Streamline your payroll management and skyrocket your productivity to a new level with our full-service custom payroll software

payroll development

Your payroll made easy

Payroll shouldn’t waste your time. That’s why we designed it to one-click solution.

Auto Calculations

Automatically fill your payroll taxes, keeping the process simple and foolproof.

Legal Compliance

Every form, filing times, and payments are aligned with statutory requirements

No Limits

You will get unlimited payrolls with a one-time payment. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Run your business on your terms

  • create financial data
  • set up frequecy
  • send reports

Why is it a good alternative?

Payroll automation

Sit back and relax. We’ll make sure that everything is all right

One time payment

No surprises. Run your business without additional costs for scaling

24/7 access

Always online. Access to your payroll anywhere and anytime

Who benefits mostly?

Accounting firm

Scale your business without spending additional resources on payroll calculation

Large Enterprise

SaaS payroll doesn’t meet your specific needs? We adjust our payroll suite specifically to you

Outsource company

Use pay-as-you-go model on a daily basis? Forget your daily routine, let our software do it for you

Let’s discuss the features

Full customization

How to start

You contact us and share your specific workflow process

We adjust our payroll software to your company

We provide support and then you enjoy the automation

Bring your payroll management to the next level

We’ll help


  1. Do you integrate with accounting, time-tracking or expense software?
    Sure, you can easily integrate our payroll with Xero and QuickBooks. Besides,
    the application consumes any time tracking data.

  2. Do you offer international payroll?
    No. We support only US, UK, Canada, Australia this time.

  3. How do I set up payroll?
    Simply contact us and the representative will walk you through the process.

  4. Can you help me switch payroll providers?
    Yep, and it won't take a lot of time.

  5. What about your data centers/security?
    All the data is located on your own server, safety first.