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CC Collect


CC Collect is a platform for consumers and businesses to pay import duties and VAT when an insufficient amount has been paid by a sender.


Our Customer’s aim was to help their client to navigate the complexities of customs clearance, duty and tax payments and keep goods on the move. Ease of use was a primary factor in the development of the application, as it would be used by people of all ages and with different levels of technical skills.


We are a valuable part of this project. The project was in the shortlist of the eCommerce Award for Excellence. Also, it was nominated as Best Innovation in eCommerce Payment.


CC Collect Pay is a platform to facilitate tax payment process – an online mechanism to make duty and VAT payments run quickly and securely. CC Collect Pay has a web and mobile application (iOS and Android) with the help of which you can register and see all your purchases. It is possible to pay for an item by credit/debit card or PayPal system from anywhere you have your smartphone with you.

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