AppKush – Apps. Reviews. Rewards.

AppKush is a service that helps to connect mobile application developers with potential users in which they discover, experience, review, get rewards and cash.
The main goal of this service is to attract as many users as possible to install applications on their mobile (for both Android and iOS platforms). AppKush includes two aspects: developers and users. On the one hand developers' aim is to make their applications available for mobile users.
On the other hand – users check these apps, install them on the mobiles and use them. Then, with the help of money Appkush helps them to earn, they have an opportunity to post a review about the app, to estimate it, to comment on it, to perform indirect QA, etc.
We created a special logic which helps Appkush understand what device is used.

· We fulfilled it all with the help of Angular.js.
· We built the project with Grunt.js.
· We used GitHub to make it work appropriately.
The most challenging thing for us was to convert the existing idea and design into business logic and to launch it not only in the web browser, but also in the mobile.
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