ADAMS Dev Ops Tool

Automation and deployment in one command!

ADAMS stands for "automated deploy and monitoring system". It uses GitHub and BitBucket webhooks to clone, deploy and notify. ADAMS helps you to automate deployment process of your project. All you need is to install ADAMS on your system and start it as a service.

ADAMS is written with Node.js and uses REST API to receive notification hooks from GitHub and BitBucket. Then the application clones and deploys customized project and can run specified SH-script to run or restart the deployed project.

ADAMS can be installed globally and has its own CLI interface. So it's not necessary to start it with “node” command – ADAMS becomes common system wide app that can be launched with different configuration settings. ADAMS also provides simple web interface for viewing its logs with errors while deploying projects.

You can download and try ADAMS from NPMJS site.

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