About us

We strongly believe that when you invest in the right talent to overcome challenges, success is inevitable

Invatechs is a trusted technology partner to our clients.

We create and deliver results-orientated solutions and services, keeping pace with cutting-edge innovation and maintaining lasting relationships that benefit our client’s long-term goals.

To create and implement outstanding bespoke software for our clients.

Whether your organization is a startup, small and medium enterprise or multi-national company, we work hard to help you achieve your goals and make sure your end-users are happy with the solution.



Our team has expertise building web and mobile applications at various levels of complexity, for dozens of sectors and industries. We have extensive experience working with Internet of Things (IoT) companies, Fintech startups, and numerous more established businesses in the Finance, Healthcare, Transport, and other sectors.


Not every client has a specific plan in mind. But many have a rough idea of the end goal. Our experienced team will turn those ideas into a reality.
Our senior full-stack developers, with skilled at using many technologies and frameworks, have over seven years experience and work alongside many other mid-weight and junior specialists. Together, we will work to understand and create your vision.


Our highly-experienced JavaScript developers work with latest technologies and frameworks, including; Node.js, React.js, Angular 2, Grunt.js, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML/CSS.
We also specialize in server-side technologies, such as ASP.NET. We also use React Native to create mobile applications. For servers and databases, we only use the most well-known and reliable services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This highly secure, on-demand cloud computing platform allows us to create complex applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.


Clutch.co is a US-based peer and expert review platform for B2B buyers of IT services and skills.
We are delighted to receive consistently positive reviews on this platform, a result of our dedication to delivering what clients need and aiming to exceed customer service expectations.


Dedicated team

Once the project has commenced, you have instant access to a group of highly-talented, experienced software developers and quality assurance (QA) testers. This team is dedicated to your project.

Time and Materials

Only pay for the time invested in the development of your project. New features can be added at any phase of the project, with any increase in budget always agreed before any extra work can start. Clients never have any shocks when invoices arrive.

Fixed price

Agree the total budget before work commences and never pay more. Keep your costs under control and get what you pay for.



Everything starts with an Initial Meeting. You have an idea – we have the skills and experience to turn this into reality. We review your goals, business needs and assess who will be using the product. After assessing everything, we come back with several suggestions and ideas, which could be anything from a tailor-made solution to an off-the-shelf app template. We always deliver suggestions in line with a clients’ budget.


Turning a business idea and proposal into a technical specification. Here, we turn your idea from something theoretical into something real – a technical specification. Skillfully designed by our business analyst and designers, technical requirements will be created for our developers to fully cost and feedback into a proposal.


Our next step is a Business Offer. Here, we prepare for you a clear and transparent proposal, which will outline the project, timescale, price, terms of implementation, the technical level of the team and deliverables.


Once agreed, the project starts with a kick-off meeting where you can ask any questions you want, and our team can ask what they need to get started. You will also be introduced to your dedicated project manager who will keep you updated throughout the project.


The development process consists of a number of development iterations; which is how we keep you updated with ongoing progress. During this process, we will stay in as much or as little contact as required, taking into account time differences - with the aim of responding as soon as we can to messages sent outside normal working hours. The development process itself will be fully transparent. It means that you will always be aware of what the team does. We ensure complete confidentiality for our clients and are always ready to sign an NDA. We work within highly secure systems, to protect our client's data, and safeguard the work undertaken by staff and contractors on projects. Everything is done to ensure you have complete confidence in the deliverables of the development team and you receive a product at the end of this process that will delight your customers.


After a project is complete, we can provide ongoing customer support, upgrades and updates to ensure your app or product receives updates as required for security reasons or to keep-pace with platform requirements, such as iOS and Android.


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